God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 170 - Tommy Hathorn, Recovery Center Guru

August 15, 2023 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 170 - Tommy Hathorn, Recovery Center Guru
Show Notes
Episode 170 – Tommy Hathorn, Recovery Center Guru

Tommy is the CEO of Boardwalk Recovery Center, in Southern California. Since they’ve had a broad base of patients, Tommy has a wealth of knowledge on the recovery journey, and he shares his experiences during this episode.

Tommy wants to guide those struggling with addiction toward the life he believes they

were meant to live. He does this by creating first-rate treatment programs for individuals that others have deemed hopeless. The quality of the recovery program is paramount; Tommy will not settle for second best. 

The programs he envisions always have the long-term success of the client as the first priority. He achieves the success of the program by continually raising the bar of excellence. 

With years of experience as an Executive Director, Tommy has broadened his scope of work to include involvement in program licensing, credentialing, and fundraising. There is no end goal for Tommy, his passion and desire to provide quality treatment options is a lifetime commitment.

Discovering what direction to take in life without mind-altering substances takes time and persistence.  It is a complete shift in lifestyle that requires more than 30 days to cultivate. 

At Boardwalk Recovery Center – Alcohol and Drug Rehab, they partner with you to find the tools and opportunities you need, as you journey together towards taking a direction you value in life. 

Tommy’s team strives to prepare you to leave Boardwalk Recovery equipped to live the life you were meant to live – in a community, sober and thriving.

You can learn more about Boardwalk Recovery Center here: https://boardwalkrecoverycenter.com 

Email to: info@boardwalkrecoverycenter.com 

Call them at: (858) 888-0101