God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 189 – My Word for 2024 is “EMPOWERED”

January 02, 2024 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 189 – My Word for 2024 is “EMPOWERED”
Show Notes

Episode 189 – My Word for 2024 is “EMPOWERED”

The Webster definition of empowered is: having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself. Not sure how many years ago it was but a business coach of mine strongly encouraged me to have a new “word to live by” each year.

Thus, my word for 2022 is “Empowered”! If we’re going to live like the Lifestyle Champion that God placed within each of us, then it’s important to learn how to live according to the victory of the promises of God.

A key verse that highlights the invitation of Jesus is found in Mark 1:17, Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” 

You and I are invited!  Everything pertaining to life and godliness, to wholeness and holiness, comes down to hearing this invitation. Not just a once-upon-a-time invitation commonly called justification or being saved, but the every-day-every-moment invitations which are the call of the Spirit for our sanctification.
Our responsibility is to listen for the call of Jesus to “Follow Me” and then respond with integrity.  
The promise of being discipled is a promise that you never again have to do life by yourself. Jesus is inviting you to do life with Him, for eternity, which, oh by the way, includes every day of this life.

Are you hearing God’s invitations in your everyday life to follow Him and become like Him in everything you do?
The results are guaranteed for all who accept the invitation. Jesus promised, “I will make you become fishers of people.” In other words, Jesus is promising that God, through the Holy Spirit, will not only conform you to His Image, but also have you partake in His divine purposes. 

You are invited! You are Empowered!!!