God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 192 – Tom Wolf, Recovery Advocate

January 23, 2024 Randy Mortensen Episode 192
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 192 – Tom Wolf, Recovery Advocate
Show Notes

Episode 192 – Tom Wolf, Recovery Advocate

Tom Wolf, a Recovery Advocate, resides in the San Francisco Metro in Northern California. He is in recovery from Heroin and Fentanyl addiction, he spent six months being homeless on the unsafe streets of the Tenderloin neighborhood and recently celebrated five years of being clean and sober.

He was arrested 6 times for holding drugs for street-level drug dealers and other offenses and eventually went to jail for 3 months before going to a 6-month inpatient treatment program where he found recovery. Now, 5 years clean and sober, Tom is a Recovery Advocate calling for changes to the radical approach drug policy has taken. 

Tom was able to overcome his compulsive and destructive behaviors when he was held accountable. Following three months in jail, he was allowed to complete a six-month residential treatment program at The Salvation Army and then began attending 12-step programs and continues to attend those meetings on a regular basis.

As a reward for his sobriety, he has recently founded The Pacific Alliance For Prevention And Recovery (PAPR). A 501c3 based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a goal of creating a response to the ongoing overdose crisis that is rooted in recovery, prevention, and education. Today, Tom is focused on bringing more recovery Solutions to San Francisco and influencing drug policy in California and eventually the United States

PAPR has joined forces with FDPS (Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions) to lead West Coast Initiatives to change the way we look at the ongoing drug crisis by providing evidence-based solutions that begin with expanding drug treatment, reasonable approaches to interdiction of illicit drugs, and recovery education.

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