God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 193 Step 7 – A focus on Humility

January 30, 2024 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 193 Step 7 – A focus on Humility
Show Notes

Step 7 is really all about Humility!

Humility is often defined as freedom from the pride or arrogance that has been holding you back. 

The characteristics of humility typically include some of the following: being situationally aware, making difficult decisions with ease, putting others first, speak your mind in a new way, and taking the time to say “Thank You”.

How do you humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings? I would like to recommend that you write out a prayer for each shortcoming that you desire to have removed. And then, simply ask God to make you ready to have it removed.

Some in recovery will say that Step 7 was very important in their recovery because it requires you to actively participate in your recovery and you are also expected to be responsible for all the things you do. 

Some will make the mistake of thinking that asking God to remove your defects means that you take a step backwards and assume a passive role while God does all the work.

 That’s not true!

Step 7 really requires you to move from a position of “willingness” to an action of “asking God to remove your shortcomings”. This step is one of the shortest in terms of wording and is perhaps the least discussed in recovery groups, but it is perhaps the most potent of the twelve steps. 

It embodies the miracle of transformation as we turn over to God our broken, defective personalities in order that He might mold them into healthy, effective instruments of His will.

So what does it mean to humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings? It’s not simply reading a list of shortcomings to God. It is honestly bringing your admission of self-effort, your trembling fear, your shackles of doubt, your debilitating shame, and admitting these things to God. God is pleased with your honesty. 

God is drawn to your vulnerability. God moves mountains for the broken-hearted. Humility means admitting all of these things and, like the man who came to Jesus asking for his son to be healed in Mark 9, you say, “I believe; Help my unbelief!